Rant and You Shall Receive

In Everyday Use flickr photo by CarbonNYC [in SF!] shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

While I don’t condone rants as a way of getting your way, I do support speaking your mind and not being afraid of the backlash. So I went on a rant earlier this week. And there was no backlash. Just support, ideas, innovation, more questions, communication, new connections.

For weeks I struggled keeping my Twitter chat head above water, trying to manage #ARVRinEDU and #IMMOOC feeds in Tweetdeck. The former was a bit easier, because of the number of people participating and Tweeting. The latter? Not so much. With over 3,000 Tweets in an hour, I found it impossible to stay afloat. I was drowning in information and couldn’t listen to the innovative buzz that is #IMMOOC. I could respond to the questions. But that just became speaking. Where was the listening and, consequently, the learning?

So I wrote “Connected Yet Not Connecting”, posted it on this blog, Twitter, and on The Innovator’s Mindset Facebook group. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what my PLN would think. How they would feel. What I received from them was inspirational, helpful, and transformational.

Inspirational and Helpful

annick response

judy response


George response

And then this…

Tara was so right. If I filtered my Tweetdeck with Q1, Q2, etc. I wouldn’t have been able to listen to people’s A1, A2 (assuming people used this Twitter chat convention). And it wasn’t just transformational to me. Others found value in this suggestion.

Being connected educators has obvious advantages. But it also has challenges. Too much information exchange in too little time causes me anxiety. But thanks to George and Tara, I’m able to filter and process this information much easier. I became a better listener in the last #IMMOOC Twitter chat. This tip will certainly help me in the future. And I’m glad it helped others.


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