Tag, You’re It!

What are all the ways you build relationships with students, colleagues, parents, the community? #IMMOOC

Innovation in 1st grade

I hope that the statement above is not only understood by educators, but also lived and breathed by being put into practice. No matter what our roles, relationships come first… relationships with students, relationships with staff, relationships with parents, relationships with the community. So how do we focus on fostering these relationships?

Here is one super simple way that I create and build relationships with my students: About once a week, it’s my turn to go outside to supervise at recesses. As soon as my students see the little star on our visual schedule next to the recesses (that indicates that I’ll be outside supervising that day), they immediately get excited! They know that they get extra special fun time with Mme Annick! Supervising outside for me usually means getting a little out of breath, maybe even a little sweaty, and playing tag with my students, past, present and future…

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One thought on “Tag, You’re It!

  1. My effort to sustain relationships is in the 2-Note Morning: every morning, I don’t start my day with emails, but I write two notes of appreciation to students and hand deliver them. I see many faces and have great conversations along the way!

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