It’s ETMOOC Eve And All Through The House…

All the laptops were whirring. Where’s my wireless mouse…

I feel like it’s the night before a new semester. I’ve picked out my classes. Even avoided the MWF 8:00 am Chemistry Lab. My books are all paid for. At least until the credit card bill comes. I’m extremely nervous for the start of etmooc. I’m humbled by the cast of characters assembled on Twitter and on Google+. Generally I feel pretty confident about my abilities in educational technology. But I’m struggling creating and maintaining relationships on these two media outlets. I’ve never subscribed to a Twitter list – at least I don’t think I have. Now I’m subscribing to three. What does this mean? I’m constantly adding etmooc-ers to my Google+ circles. But I’m being redundant adding 300+ people to both a PLN and a etmooc circle. Time to reconsider my organizational structure. But even in the midst of my anxiety, I still managed to take a leap of faith. I took the Orientation Week Activity as a challenge. I wanted to find some unique way of introducing myself. Not to brag, but to step outside my comfort zone. I purchased GoAnimate as an app for my 5th graders several months ago, yet I have never tried it myself. So here it goes. Sorry about the audio. And sorry I wasn’t able to embed the video. I wasn’t ready to shell out $60 for the VideoPress upgrade. So if anyone knows of better ways to upload/embed videos, I would appreciate the guidance.

Since I have your attention, you’ll be able to find me on Twitter (@BuistBunch), on Google+ ( and on YouTube ( I also try to maintain a regular Facebook presence for the 5th grade at my school ( Finally you can check our 5th grade website ( It’s recently renovated and still needs a few tweaks here and there.

Looking forward to learning from all 1200+ of you.


5 thoughts on “It’s ETMOOC Eve And All Through The House…

  1. Hi Michael,

    I was feeling the same exciting sense of anticipation, with the the eve of #etmooc. I had the same dilemma with loading videos to my WordPress blog. I believe you can embed YouTube videos without the video upgrade. Copy and paste the link (from up top) and not the share link provided, or use the embed code. This worked for me in the past.
    Great intro, I will have to try GoAnimate as it looks fun!
    Look forward to learning with you as #etmooc starts today!


  2. Hi Michael, That was great….I really liked it. I am a bit overwhelmed also and Tech is what I do for my job now. 🙂


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